How to unlock a legendary brawler?

The simplest way to get a legendary brawler is to unlock more brawlers in the game. And to unlock more brawlers, you will need to play the game more. There are many ways of unlocking new brawlers in the game. When you play the game, you will get the chance of collecting more coins and gems, and with the coins and gems, you can get brawler box. And opening the boxes, the chance of getting new characters and brawlers will be increased. When you are able to unlock new brawlers with your gameplay, you can also increase the chance of unlocking the legendary brawlers.

In brawlstars unlock legendary is not that much difficult but obviously, time consuming. The chance of getting legendary can be increased with collecting the brawlers with the rarity types. You can also unlock the brawlers with progressing through the Trophy road. To progress in the Trophy road, you will need to unlock the loot boxes. These loot boxes can also be purchased with the coins on the game.

There is another way to increase the chance of getting legendary which is by luck system. With this system, you will get the chance of opening brawl boxes which might contain different new brawlers.


There are many characters in the brawl stars. Each character has different role and characteristics in the game. If you want to get your favorite character, you will need to unlock new characters. As legendary brawlers are the rarest brawlers, you may need to unlock more brawlers to get one legendary brawler.

The brawlers in the brawl stars are also called fighters. The fighters can be divided into eight different classes in the brawl stars. The legendary brawl boxes can be obtained through brawl boxes, and it is the easiest way to get one. The brawl boxes are the loot boxes. Loot boxes can be different like the mega box or big box. And these boxes will give you the chance of unlocking new brawlers. However, when you open a loot box, the chance of getting a legendary brawler is the lowest. You might get other brawlers but to get a legendary one, you will need to depend on your luck.

So, depending on the rarity, you might need more time unlocking legendary brawler. For the characteristics and features, everyone wants to get the legendary brawler. With the legendary brawler, your gameplay can be changed completely. The legendary brawlers are Leon, crow, and spike. Among all of the legendary brawlers, Leon and spike are the best. If you are not the lucky one getting one in the first few boxes, you will need to keep trying to unlock one.